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Personal Security

Our operators are certified and trained to provide Bodyguard/ Armed Security Guard Services. Each of our trained professionals have prior and or current Police/Military experience. We tailor our services to your requirements and each engagement is customized to your needs.

Physical Security

Our Threat Analysis and Physical Security teams will work with you to provide recommendations and help you institute policies and procedure to mitigate potentials threats to people and property. Our teams combine the best resources and talent from both Police and Military expertise. 

EMCI Emergency Management Converged Infrastucture

Savoy06 has created a set of communications products to help emergency management and security companies rapidly and effectively share data and information pertinent in responding to emergency situations. Our approach affords the "boots on the ground" control as to how and when information is presented while sharing that information real time with support and command and control elements.


Body Guard/Armed Security Protection

Savoy06 is licensed (State of Georgia license PSC002298) and Bonded for Armed Protective Services in the State of Georgia. Our mix of Law Enforcement and Military expertise provides our customers a sense of security while understanding the importance of sensibility during a crisis.

Physical/Property Security

Whether it is a home, a small business, or corporation we can advise and protect your property from threats seen and un-foreseen. We will tailor our assessments for your specific requirements.


EMCI Emergency Management Converged Infrastructure 

During a crisis, command and control infrastructures collapse quickly. Our infrastructure is designed in a distributed model to be resilient and responsive.

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