EMCI programs - custom computer services

Chaos During a Crisis

Most Emergency Management Infrastucture only operate well during non-crisis situations and are made to record for after-action reports.

EMCI loves Chaos

Our Emergency Management Converged Infrastructure is distributed and centralized at the same time, connects like a spider web, follows the chaos similar to a hive of bees

Chaos will always occur

Can you afford to wait for the next disaster to have your communications infrastructure collapse

EMCI programs - custom computer services emergency managemen

Our Packages are Flexible

We Have Designed Packages

  • Mars Package - is for the mobile operator 
  • Earth Package - is for the Centralized Command and Control Elements
  • Neptune Package - is an enhanced Intellegence Package

Mars Package

The Mars Package is a secure/rugged/mobile communications interface which always an individual operator a converged platform to share data between his/her sensors and another mobile operator real-time.

Earth Package

The Earth Package is a more robust version of the Mars package and can collect sensor data but is more attune to collect multiple Mars Package streams and decide which data should be shared with command and control elements. This is the core to our emergency management systems along with the network security infrastuture.

Neptune Package

The Neptune Package is tailored for the mobile command post. It allows for a greater capacity to collect Sensor data and help decipher data and make decisions in the field


At the core of all the packages is a security layer which protects the data in the various locations and also secures the data while being shared between platforms


Another core benefit is the real-time nature of the infrastructure.  Our whole premise is geared to maintain control of the chaos which requires the boots on the ground to have the information higher ground.

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